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Traditional Ayurvedic therapies to realign disharmony in the body

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $60
  • Talent

Service Description

Panchakarma is a collective of therapies used in the Ayurvedic modality to relieve imbalances and restore harmony to the body. The five Panchakarma are Vaman where oil is ingested and rubbed on the body and then vomiting is induced to remove toxins, Virechan where oils and herbs are rubbed on the body and ingested to remove toxins through the bowls, Basti where medicated enemas or suppositories are inserted to remove tonify the body through the bowls, Nasaya where the head and shoulders are rubbed with oil and then medicated oil is dripped through the nose to tonify and repair the brain and head, and Raktamokshan or blood cleansing which primarily uses herbs to clear the blood of toxins. Of these I regularly practice Vaman, Virechan, Basti, and Nasaya with clients.

Cancelation Policy

Please reschedule at your earliest convenience, within one week if possible

Contact Details

  • Talent, OR, USA

    +1 (773)-410-1198

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